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Create a contact

Start creating contacts to store information about your business contacts and make people bookable resources.

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Use contacts to store information for a point of contact at an organization or venue. Create a contact to store contact information and set these people up as bookable resources.

There's a few ways you can create contacts:

We’ll run through creating contacts through People & Organizations in this guide. 

Before you start: contact or organization?

Looking to invoice this person? Create them as an organization in Current RMS instead. See:

Get started

Head to People & Organizations and hit the green add contact button at the top-right.

General details

  • Name
    The only required field. The contact’s name.

  • Tags
    Tags are a bit like smart folders or categories; they help you find and filter information. Tag your contact if you wish. Hit enter to lock a tag in.

  • Image
    Browse for an image from your local device by clicking choose file

Contact information

Beneath the tags box, there's buttons to add in telephone numbers, email addresses, web links, and addresses.

There’s no limit to the number of these fields that you can have, so add as many as you need.

If you're planning to use Discussions, keep in mind that an organization must have a valid work email address listed here in order to be added as a participant to a discussion.

To remove something, click the red delete button to the right of it.


Any notes about this contact? Enter some descriptive text here that will be shown at the top of a contact page.


  • Title
    The contact’s position at the organization or venue, e.g. “Rental Manager”.

  • Department
    The contact’s department at the organization or venue, e.g. “Rental Department”. 

  • Active
    You’ll probably want to leave this as YES. Setting an contact as inactive is a good way of keeping your Current RMS system clutter-free when you no longer need them.

Bookable resource

Make your contact available for services by toggling the Bookable Resource slider to YES. You’d want to do this if this person is bookable for services in your business, e.g. if they’re a sound engineer or rigger. See: Make a contact, user, or venue a bookable resource.

If you’ve not set up services yet, you can come back to this later. 

Link to an organization or venue in Current RMS

Organization or venue already created in Current RMS?

To link this contact to another organization or venue, click the green add an existing organization or venue button and start typing an existing name in the box. Current will auto-suggest for you and create a link.

New organization or venue?

If you’d like to link this contact to a new organization or venue, do this after you’ve created the contact. 

Head back to People & Organizations and hit the green add organization or add venue button. Follow our guide for more information, see: Create an organization

Press the blue Create Contact button at the bottom of the page to finish adding your contact.

Common questions

Can I import contacts from another system?

Generally, yes. If you can export data from your other system to CSV or spreadsheet, you can format that data in a way that Current RMS can interpret and use our import data tool. Check out our guide: Import data

Importing data is an intricate process. If you need anything, start a conversation with us using the green help bubble ↘️

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