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Create a percentage or part invoice from a project
Create a percentage or part invoice from a project

Sometimes you might need to raise an invoice for a particular percentage or figure. Use part invoicing to do this.

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Sometimes, you might need to raise an invoice for a particular percentage or straight dollar figure of a project. For example, you might take 50% of an project or $2000 up front to secure booking. Use part invoicing to do this.

In order to part invoice, you’ll need to have project invoicing turned on. Check out our guide to learn more about project invoicing: Invoice a project

Get started

From a project, click Invoice Project under Actions to bring up the Invoice Options pop-up.

For Invoice Type, choose part invoice and pop in either the percentage you’d like to invoice or the invoice amount. 

Current will automatically select all of the opportunities on the project at the top of this screen. The invoice source for a part invoice from a project is always the project itself rather than any particular opportunity on the project.

Modify your part invoice

Once your invoice has been created, you can modify the invoice details as you wish. For example:

  • Change the invoice subject
    Edit the invoice using the pencil icon at the top and amend the Subject field. For example, you might specify this is a Deposit for the project.

  • Add a description to the invoice item
    Edit the invoice item by clicking or tapping the blue arrow next to it in the items list, then pop in some text in the Description field. Some companies use this to provide further information about this invoice.

⚠️   If you amend the price of the line created as part of the part invoice process, this will adjust the amount that’s been part invoiced on the project. If you add additional lines to a part invoice, that amount isn’t included in the amount that’s part invoiced.

Invoice for the balance

When you’re ready to create a final invoice, open your Invoice Options pop-up by clicking Invoice Project from the opportunity. 

Choose Final invoice as the Invoice Type. Current will let you know how much that you’ve part invoiced and the balance to invoice.

⚠️   Take care not to over credit part invoices on a project

If you’ve created part invoices for opportunities on a project and created the final invoice for those, we don’t recommend adding additional opportunities to this project. Any further final invoices you create on this project will credit all of the part payments received again.

It’s really important to generate a final invoice because final invoices are used for revenue reporting.

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