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🎞️ Favorites

“Heart” or favorite your most used items in your Current RMS system to access them quickly.

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Favorite products, contacts, organizations, opportunities, and other items throughout your Current RMS system to add them to one easy-to-access screen.

You can find favorites throughout Current RMS, they’re a great way to highlight anything that’s frequently used or important to you. 

Different records are likely to be important to different users, so each user on your system has their own list of favorites.

What can I favorite?

You can add these types of data to your favorites:

Add to your favorites

To add favorites, click on the little heart icon that you’ll see next to items throughout Current RMS. The heart will turn red when it’s an active favorite. 

When you click into an item that can be favourited, the heart icon also appears at the top of the page next to the edit, delete, and back buttons.

View your favorites

For admin accounts

If you’re an administrator user, you can find your favorites by clicking on your profile picture at the top-right and choosing Favorites from the menu.

For non-admins

Non-administrators do not have access to Reports. The Favorites link appears on the menu bar in its place.

Access favorites through the picker

Quickly view a list of your favourite products straight from the picker by clicking the Favorites button at the bottom, handy for gear that you might always add to a job.

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