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Request changes with our document layout modification service
Request changes with our document layout modification service

Let us make changes to your documents for you.

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All of the document layouts that come with Current RMS are fully customizable, meaning that you can make your quotations, invoices, delivery notes, and other documents reflect your company branding and identity.

There are three ways to change your documents:

In this guide, we’ll run through how to request changes using our document layout modification service.

How does the service work?

Looking to get started? It’s a simple process:

  1. Choose your plan 💁‍♀️
    We can change a full suite of documents, some of your documents, or make changes by the hour.

  2. Send us your request 📥
    Use our form to let us know what changes you’d like to make.

  3. We’ll qualify your requirements and take payment 🤔
    We’ll check over your changes, provide a quick summary, and give you an ETA. If you’re happy, we’ll take payment.

  4. You get your new shiny new documents
    Once done, we’ll create your layouts and send you a file that you can upload to your Current RMS system.

What kind of things can I request?

HTML & CSS are really flexible, so we can style almost everything that makes up a document layout. For example, we can change:

  • Colors and font styles

  • Spacing between elements

  • Wording, e.g. “VAT” or “GST” rather than “Tax”

  • Images, including adding adding additional company logos

We can also add content from your Current RMS system, such as:

  • Discount percentages for line items

  • Product weights

  • Stock level locations

  • Custom fields from related modules

New documents

As well as changing existing documents, we can create brand new documents, including document types that we don’t have out-of-the-box like risk assessments or address labels.

Keep in mind that you design the document, then we build it. Our document layout team aren’t designers themselves, so we can’t design something for you. Our team are very techy, so you’d end up with something that wasn’t too pretty!

What should I mention in my request?

Our form walks through all of the information that we need from you to get started.

To make sure that we deliver what you expect, we require a mockup. Your mockup doesn’t need to be anything too fancy. You can include annotated PDFs, example PDFs, screenshots, of even rough sketches – whatever works best for you!

If we’re not sure about anything once we get your form response, we’ll chat to you about it during qualification.

What happens during qualification?

Qualification is where we review your request to figure out if it’s something that we can do for you. For each request, we ask ourselves:

  • Do we understand your requirements?
    We’ll make sure that we’re on the same page by sending a summary of your request. This forms a scope of work so that we can be sure that we create what you expected.

  • Is there anything else that we need from you?
    We may clarify where you’d like information to pull from in Current RMS or need logos, pictures, the original .txt file, or other resources from you.

  • Can we do everything that you’ve asked for?
    We work in HTML & CSS, which are generally really powerful. However, sometimes things aren’t technically possible. If this is the case, we’ll let you know. You can amend your request with this in mind.

  • Is it in the scope of our service?
    Our document layout modification service is for all of our customers, so we might not take a request on if it will tie us up for too long. We’ll also look at previous requests and may not take on repeated requests for the same documents.

What's the turnaround time?

After we’ve qualified the documents, we’ll send you an ETA to let you know how your request should take.

The timeframe depends on the size and scope of your request. We can generally turn around smaller changes quickly and full suites within a few weeks.

We’ll only start work once we’ve received payment.

How do I pay?

After we’ve scoped your documents, we’ll check that you’re happy with the scope and ask if it’s OK to raise an invoice. If you agree, we’ll raise the invoice and charge the card we have on file for your subscription.

The invoice will be sent to the owner user on your system, and stored in System Setup > Billing Information.

What about changes?

Full or standard suite

Once you’ve received your documents and reviewed them, we’re happy to look at one set of small changes for you within two weeks. This could be things like adjusting font sizes, removing spacing, or adding or removing content.

If there are problems or things we’d missed from the summary then we’ll be happy to work on those right away, too.

If you’d like additional changes after the first set of small changes or you come back to us after two weeks, we’ll ask you to resubmit them using our form. This keeps our document layout modification service moving, so we can work on documents for everybody. You’ll be charged the hourly rate for these.

Where you’d like more substantial changes or completely new documents creating, we’ll ask you to submit another request. We’ll use the summary we sent you initially to help us make this decision. You’ll be charged the hourly rate for these.

Hourly rate

If you’ve paid for changes on our hourly rate, we’ll charge for additional changes on our hourly rate.

If there are problems or things we’d missed from the summary then we’ll be happy to work on those right away, too.

Rather than making many individual changes one after the other, we encourage you to review your documents and submit a full design that we can work on for you. This will be cheaper than working on changes piecemeal and mean that we can complete your changes quicker.

Where folks are making repeated amendments to the same document, we'll reach out to see how we can work together more effectively. Check out our fair usage policy for more information.

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