Current RMS is a truly cloud-based Rental Management System (RMS) designed for the events, broadcast, AV, and production rental industries. 

Easy-to-use yet full of functionality, Current lets you work in ways you never thought possible by centralizing all of your data in the cloud. That means all of your jobs, contacts, and resources are accessible wherever you are, at any time, from any device with a compatible browser and internet connection. 

With Current, you can create a quotation in front of a customer, schedule an activity on the move, or even send an invoice on your way to a site… the possibilities are endless!

We’ve designed Current to be beautiful and easy-to-use, so whether you’re new to rental software or migrating from another system, you’ll love using Current RMS.

Current RMS will help you:

  • Manage your inventory and keep track of your gear.

  • Create a list of services you provide and make people bookable for them.

  • See what kit is available now and in future using the Availability screens.

  • Plan all of your labor and transport services on a calendar.

  • Manage your customers, vendors, colleagues, and other business contacts.

  • Build orders and send branded quotations out quickly.

  • Trace lost and damaged equipment using the Quarantine.

  • Send branded emails to your customers and colleagues.

  • View reports and vital business information.

  • Keep on top of you and your colleagues’ schedules with Activities.

  • Post invoices straight to a cloud-based accounting solution like Xero.

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