Email a document using Discussions

Send your customer a copy of a quotation, rental agreement, or other document from Current RMS by email.

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Use Discussions to send your customer a copy of an opportunity document directly from Current RMS.

Some of the documents you can print:

  • Quotations

  • Rental agreements

  • Picking lists

  • Delivery notes

  • Collection notes

  • Carnets

You might know these documents by other names, check out our guide for a quick run through: What are each of the documents for?

Get started

After you’ve put together your opportunity items list, you’ll find documents available to view under the “Print” heading on the details pane.

Click a document to open it in your browser.

Create a discussion

Hit the blue Create a discussion button to send this document from Current RMS. A PDF copy of the document layout of the document is automatically attached.

Creating a discussion is similar to composing an email. First, enter a subject and then enter some text as a comment.

Then, choose participants. Your organization and participants will automatically be included. 

The first work email address against the contact, organization, venue, or user is used to send discussion messages.

When you’re done, hit the blue Create discussion button.

Add to existing discussion

To add a document to an existing discussion, click the blue arrow to the right and choose an existing opportunity discussion from the list.

This is great for sending a revised quotation.

Document approval

Don’t forget you can use document approval to send your customers links to your documents from Current RMS. 

Check out our guide: Use document approval

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