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Grab copies of your quotation, rental agreement, picking list, delivery note, and other documents. Plus, download to CSV to open in Excel.

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Current RMS comes with a bunch of documents to help at each stage of the rental cycle. You can print easily from the Print heading on an opportunity. 

Some of the documents you can print:

  • Quotations

  • Rental agreements

  • Picking lists

  • Delivery notes

  • Collection notes

  • Carnets

You might know these documents by other names, check out our guide for a quick run through: What are each of the documents for?

Get started

After you’ve put together your opportunity items list, you’ll find documents available to view under the “Print” heading on the details pane.

Click a document to open it in your browser.

Print or send a document layout

From the document layout preview, use the blue buttons at the top to print or download a document. You have four options:

  • Print friendly version

  • Download as PDF

  • Create a discussion

  • Approval URL

In this guide, we cover printing and downloading a document. To learn about the other options, see: 

Print friendly version

Hit Print friendly version to access a version of this document that’s optimized for printing from your browser. Your browser’s print dialog should open automatically, but if it doesn’t then hit File > Print as normal.

⚠️   When using the print friendly view, some print settings may be handled by your web browser or printer. For example, some web browsers do not print background colors and your printer settings may determine the margins on your document. This is outside of the control of Current RMS. If you’re having trouble, review your browser and printer settings or print from PDF.

Download as PDF

Click Download as PDF to open a PDF of this document, suitable for printing or saving to your device.

Printing from the PDF is the best way to ensure that what you see on screen is what’s going to be printed on paper. PDFs are also fairly standard and can be viewed on most devices.

Download opportunity items to CSV spreadsheet

Need a copy of all items or assets on an opportunity as a spreadsheet? Use the download button on the order view or detail view to grab a copy.

Common questions

Want to change your documents or use other documents?

There’s a variety of documents included in Current RMS that you can enable in System Setup > Document Layouts. This is also where you can change your documents. 

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