Sometimes you might need to add additional items to an order while you’re picking and prepping. Free scan lets you add bulk or non-stock products and serialized assets to an opportunity by scanning the asset number or barcode.

Get started

To start using free scan, switch to the detail view on an opportunity at order stage, then click the Allocate tab. Toggle the “Free Scan” slider to YES.

From here, scan a barcode or asset in the Asset box. 

If the item is not on the opportunity already, it will be added. Availability checks will be carried out as normal and Current RMS will warn you if there are shortages.

Keep in mind

  • When scanning bulk or non-stock items that can be both sale and rental, free scanned items will be added as rental. If a bulk or non-stock item is only sale, free scanning will it as sale.

  • Charging is calculated on free scanned items as normal. Switch to the opportunity order view to amend charging, or enable Lock Pricing before free scanning and your items will be added as zero-priced.

  • If an opportunity item for the same product has already been created via free scan, another free scan will add a serialized asset to the opportunity item or update the bulk quantity as long as the item is yet to be booked out. However, if the product has accessories, a new opportunity item with accessories will be created.

Free scan accessories

If the free scanned product you allocate has accessories, those will be added to the opportunity as reserved and in the same container as the free scanned opportunity item. Allocate assets for the accessories as normal using the Allocate tab.

Free scanning a product that can be both an accessory and a main product will add the item to the opportunity as a main product. 

If you'd like to free scan an item and its accessories, be sure to scan the main product first.

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