Often, you might agree a price with your client but later realize you need to add more kit. Lock pricing will stop you from making changes to prices or the charge total, even if you add additional products or services.

Get started

Hit Lock Pricing under Actions on the right hand side of an opportunity to lock the pricing. 

When pricing is locked, you can’t: 

  • change the quantity, days, price, or discount on opportunity items.

  • delete items from the opportunity.

  • modify the chargeable days on the opportunity edit screen.

  • change the charging start or end date (if using the standard scheduler).

  • use the Reset item discounts action.

  • use the Recalculate action.

These restrictions prevent changes to agreed pricing. If you try to adjust one of these options, Current will let you know.

Add additional products or services

When you add products or services to an opportunity where pricing is locked, those items are automatically zero-priced. This gives your warehouse team the flexibility to add additional items like cables or spares without affecting the charge total. 

Add items as normal using the picker, add new opportunity item screen, or free scan.

Unlock pricing

To unlock pricing, it's simple: click Unlock Pricing under Actions on the right hand side of an opportunity. 

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