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Configure surcharges

Surcharges are a way of automatically adding a percentage-based or fixed-fee charge to rental products added for an opportunity.

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Charge for lens cleaning or dish washing? Surcharges might help. Surcharges let you automatically add a percentage or fixed amount per product added to an opportunity. 

Surcharges are set up in System Setup and configured against your rental products. They can be enabled or disabled for each opportunity and configured on rental opportunity items.

Need to set up surcharges? Use our guide to help: Use surcharges to apply charges to products

Turn on surcharges on the opportunity

When you’re creating or editing your opportunity, enable or disable surcharges using the checkboxes under the surcharges section. This is a list of surcharge groups. 

When a surcharge group is checked, any rental items with a surcharge configured in that group added to the opportunity will include that surcharge in the charge total. Hover over a charge total in the items list to see the included surcharge.

Remember that surcharges that are set as default in System Setup > Surcharges will be applied even where a product doesn’t have that surcharge set against it. Provided the surcharge group is checked above, default surcharges for that group will be applied.

Change surcharges for opportunity items

Every opportunity is different, so there might be times that you need to add, remove, or change a surcharge for a particular opportunity item. 

To do this, edit the opportunity item by clicking the blue arrow to the right and choosing Edit from the menu.

Use the drop down boxes in the Surcharges section to add or remove surcharges from this particular line.

Common questions

Would I use this to apply a credit card surcharge?

Keep in mind that surcharges only apply to rental products by design. If you’ve surcharges that are applied to the entire charge total for an opportunity, this might not be for you.  

In these cases, you could set up a non-stock sale product called “Surcharge” or something similar, then add this to the opportunity and manually specify the price. 

Start a conversation with us using the green help bubble at the bottom-right to discuss this further with us ↘️ 

Can I see surcharges on my document layouts?

Our default opportunity documents don't display a separate surcharge total, but this is something that you can change. 

All of our documents are customizable using HTML and CSS. You can add the surcharge total using our Liquid Syntax if you’re familiar with code, if not then just start a conversation with us using the green help bubble at the bottom-right and we’ll be happy to help you with this ↘️

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