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The main opportunities screen
The main opportunities screen

View all opportunities created over the lifetime of your system. See what needs your attention or filter the view to see historic data.

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Go to Opportunities > Opportunities to manage all of the opportunities on your system. 

Your initial view shows all active inquiries, drafts, quotations, and orders.  

Each opportunity is represented by a large colorful row with all of the opportunity’s key information: the name of the opportunity, delivery address, organization, start & end date, and revenue. 

Opportunity status labels

Opportunity status labels let you see the status of an opportunity at-a-glance:

  • Open
    An inquiry, draft, quotation, or order that’s open.

  • Active
    An order that’s in progress. Products and services have been booked out.  

  • Provisional
    A quotation where stock is provisionally booked, i.e. “quoted for”.

  • Reserved
    A quotation where stock is reserved, i.e. taken out of availability.

  • Invoiced
    An opportunity gets a green invoiced label when you generate a standard or balance invoice. You can also set this manually by toggling the “Invoiced” slider to YES when creating or editing an opportunity. 

  • Completed
    An opportunity where all products and services have been booked out, checked-in, and finalized. 

  • Cancelled
    An order that's been cancelled. 

  • Lost
    An inquiry, draft, or quotation marked as lost – business lost to a known competitor. 

  • Dead
    An inquiry, draft, or quotation marked as dead – no longer going ahead.

  • Postponed
    A quotation or order that’s marked as postponed – happening at some point in future.

Order progress or rating

If an opportunity is at order stage, the progress of the order will appear above the end date so you can see how many items have been prepared or booked out.

Search for opportunities 

The simplest way to find an opportunity is to use the search box. Search for:

  • an opportunity name

  • an opportunity number

  • an organization

  • a venue or delivery address

All matching results are returned. By default, you'll see only open or active opportunities but you can filter the view.

Change your view 

The default view is the row view. Use the grid view or list view icons at the top-right to change how your data is displayed. 

The grid view is perfect for mobile devices.

Filter your view

  • Use the tag cloud
    Tags are a great way to categorize opportunities in Current RMS. Click the tag icon at the top-right of the page to open the tag cloud and click on tags to filter.

  • Filter selection
    Click View and then Filter selection to change what kind of opportunities you see in your opportunities screen. For example, if you'd like to see a list of completed, cancelled, lost, and dead opportunities, choose Inactive and press the blue Update button.

Custom views

For more filtering options, you can create custom views. Custom views allow you to see and sort the data in your opportunities section using powerful filter criteria. See: Custom views

To select a custom view you've created previously, select it from the View menu.

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