Use Second Warehouse’s integration with Current RMS to find sub-rent suppliers for shortages straight from an opportunity in Current. 

Their integration is in beta at the moment.

Second Warehouse is a third party integration

The team at Second Warehouse developed this integration using our open API. This means it wasn’t developed or maintained by Current RMS, so we can’t vouch for it or provide support for it

What is Second Warehouse?

Second Warehouse helps you speed up shortage resolution by connecting you with local sub-rent suppliers.

  • Find local suppliers who have the items that you need in stock.

  • Set up preferred suppliers to quickly request gear from companies that you work with regularly.

  • List your own gear and get connected with companies looking for kit.

Find out more or try Second Warehouse for free.

How does the integration work?

Once you’ve set up the integration in Second Warehouse, use the new “Launch Second Warehouse” action against an opportunity to resolve shortages.

  • Map your products in Current RMS to inventory entries in Second Warehouse.

  • Find local suppliers with the kit in stock directly from an opportunity.

  • Second Warehouse automatically marks items as sub-rented in Current RMS once you finalize a deal.

Next steps

To get started, check out Second Warehouse’s documentation: About the Current RMS integration

Not using Second Warehouse yet? Find out more or try Second Warehouse for free. 

Get help

Contact the team at Second Warehouse for help using their integration.

We’re unable to provide support for the Second Warehouse integration.

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