Use PieSync’s integration with Current RMS to sync your People & Organizations with other cloud-based CRM, contact management, and marketing automation apps.

Along with Current RMS, PieSync integrates with over 200 apps, including:

  • Hubspot

  • Pipedrive

  • Capsule CRM

  • Zoho CRM

  • Insightly

  • Nutshell

  • FollowUpBoss

  • Google Contacts

  • Apple iCloud

PieSync is a third party integration

The team at PieSync developed this integration using our open API. This means it wasn’t developed or maintained by Current RMS, so we can’t vouch for it or provide support for it

What is PieSync?

PieSync helps you keep your customer data synchronized across all of the cloud-based apps that you use, so your information is up-to-date everywhere.

  • Use PieSync to sync your customer data seamlessly between apps, with no need to manually import or export data.

  • Filter the customer data that’s synchronized between your apps.

  • Choose how you’d like fields to map up between your apps, and whether one app’s values should take priority.

How does the integration work?

Once you’ve set up the integration in PieSync, it automatically synchronizes information between Current RMS and the apps you choose.

  • Trigger workflows in your other apps, such as CRM or marketing automation solutions.

  • Track the status of synced records and troubleshoot problems.

  • Where other apps support both contact and organization records, sync both kinds of records.

Contact and organization records

Current RMS has a distinction between organizations (i.e. companies) and contacts. Not all systems have this distinction, they may simply have a contact record.

Some systems might not have dedicated organization records, but might have a space to record a “Company Name.” PieSync may be able to sync the name of the linked organization in Current to this field. In some cases, this might create a linked company record in your chosen app.

PieSync will always attempt to sync contacts in Current with contacts in your chosen app, and organizations in Current with companies in your chosen app. You cannot sync contacts in another solution to organizations in Current or vice versa.

We can’t control what information is available to sync between Current RMS and other apps. Reach out to PieSync for more information.

Next steps

To get started, check out PieSync’s documentation: Current RMS - PieSync

Not using PieSync yet? Find out more or try PieSync for free. 

Get help

Contact the team at PieSync for help using their integration.

We’re unable to provide support for the PieSync integration.

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