The Current Companion app is a handy way to pick and prep assets on your Android smartphone or tablet.

Use the Current Companion app to:

  • Allocate, prep, book out, and check-in assets on an opportunity.

  • Scan barcodes with your device’s camera.

  • Free scan assets or barcodes onto an opportunity.

  • Review all scans made on your device.

Get started 

Download the Current Companion app from the Google Play store (Android):

If you’re having trouble installing, contact your device manufacturer.

Pairing the app

The app is designed to be a companion to Current RMS. You pair the app with an opportunity by scanning a unique QR code that creates a link between the two. 

Pair on an opportunity

To pair with a specific opportunity, click on the mobile icon within the Detail View.

Pair with your wider system

To pair with your entire Current RMS system, click on your user image in the top right of your screen and select Mobile Pairing.

Once clicked, you’ll be able to search for opportunities here:

You’re now good to go! You can allocate, prep, book out, or check-in on your smartphone or tablet using your device’s camera. The paired opportunity is automatically updated in real time.

Data security

Security is always top priority, to use the app, pair it with your device using a unique QR code.

  • The QR code is accessible only to logged-in users and changes regularly.

  • During the pairing process, the app can identify the user associated with the QR code and access your data securely.

  • The app uses OAuth2 technology, meaning that it’s only granted access to your data for a limited amount of time.

  • All communication between the app and Current RMS is via via SSL technology only (i.e. HTTPS).

Want to learn more about security? Check out: Secure your Current RMS system

Next steps

Common questions

Are there any system requirements to run the app?

The app should work on any modern Android device without any problems. To use the barcode scanning functionality, your device will need to have a camera.

Please remember, specifications of Android devices can vary depending on the age of the device you’re using so your experience may vary.

Does the app work on Android tablets?

It does! It’s optimized for smartphones, but will still look great on tablets.

Can I access my organizations, quote documents, resource planner, etc.?

Not through the app, but Current RMS is fully responsive so you can head to your subdomain in your mobile device’s browser to get access to your complete system.

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