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Review Companion app scan history
Review Companion app scan history

See all scan operations on your device across opportunities.

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The Current Companion app keeps a log of all scan operations on your device, making it really easy to review what you’ve done.

Looking to use the app? Check out: What is the Current Companion app?

Get started

From the app main screen, tap the history icon at the top-left.

You’ll see a list of previously paired opportunities here. Tap an opportunity to view scans for that particular opportunity.

Opportunity scans

For each opportunity, Current logs each action taken on your device. For example, if you scanned an asset to allocate, prep, and book out then you’ll see an entry for each of these in the list.

For each scan, Current shows the date & time and the barcode or asset number.

Keep in mind that this is a record of any scan operations made on this device with the Current Companion app. Scan operations on other devices aren’t included here.

Delete scan history

Scan history is retained while you have the app installed. To clear your scan history, head to Settings. 

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