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Change Companion app settings
Change Companion app settings

Customize your scan sounds and other settings.

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Change your scan sounds, delete scan history and get help via the Current Companion app settings page.

Looking to use the app? Check out: What is the Current Companion app?

Tap the cog icon at the top-right of the main app screen to get started.


Continuous scan 

By default, each time you scan, you’ll need to press the barcode button again to scan the next asset. This helps prevent accidental scans.

Toggle the “Continuous scan mode” slider on to set the app up so that after each successful scan, the camera will open again automatically ready to scan straight away. 


When enabled, products will display consolidated quantities, rather than sorted by opportunity group.

Use Device Camera

Disable this setting to disable the use of the device camera - designed for devices with built-in scanners.

Barcode Formats

Choose from the five barcode options here which format you use for your labels. For optimal performance, only enable the formats you use here.

Current’s default barcode labels use the Code 128 format - so choose this option if you are using labels printed from within your system.

Sound Preferences

Set the sound used when a scan is successful or when a scan is rejected. 

Tap Sound Preferences, then Positive Scan or Negative Scan to select.

Clear scan history

The Current Companion app keeps a log of all scan operations on your device. See: Review Companion app scan history

If your scan history is large, you might find that the scan history screen takes a little time load – especially on older devices. 

Tap Clear Scan History and then tap the Delete Scan History

⚠️  Scans are permanently deleted from your device. There is no way to reverse or undo this.

User Information

View information about the connected user account and unpair when needed - great for shared devices!

Change system settings

To make changes to in-system settings, head to your Current RMS system in your web browser.  Remember Current is fully responsive, so you may access it on any device with a modern browser and internet connection.

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