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Scan and enter barcodes using the Companion app
Scan and enter barcodes using the Companion app

Allocate, prep, book out, and check-in barcodes using your smartphone or tablet’s camera.

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Instead of using a traditional barcode scanner to pick and prep gear on an opportunity, you might prefer to use the Current Companion app on your smartphone or tablet.

The Current Companion app lets you use your mobile device’s camera to allocate, prep, book out, and check-in assets.

Looking to use the app? Check out: What is the Current Companion app?

Pair with your system

To tell the app which opportunity you’d like to start prepping, head to the detail view and click the app button.

Open the app on your mobile device, choose the scan QR code button, and then scan the code.

Alternatively, you can pair your app with your wider system by using the Mobile Pairing option under your user settings.

Once clicked, you’ll be able to search for opportunities here:

That’s it! Your device is paired and you’re ready to start scanning.

Allocate, prep, book out, or check-in

On the app, use the colorful allocate, prepare, book out, and check-in buttons to get started.

Not sure what each of these steps mean? Check out our guide on the detail view workflow: What is the detail view?

Tap the green barcode button to open your phone’s camera to start scanning.

The scanned asset will show in the list in your app.

Scan options

Quantity and container

If you like, before you start scanning set the bulk stock quantity and container using the fields at the top.

Free scan

Need to add additional items? When allocating, toggle the “Free Scan” slider on to tell Current RMS that products scanned that aren’t already on the opportunity should be added.

Allocate and mark as prepared

Sometimes you might like to allocate and mark as prepped with one scan. When allocating, toggle the “Prepared” slider on and scan your assets as normal. Items that you allocate will be marked as prepared.

Manually allocate, prep, book out, or check-in

For each of the screens, tap the small expand arrow to bring up the asset number field. Type the asset or barcode number into this field to allocate, prep, book out, or check-in.

Disconnect opportunity

Finished work on the job? Head back to the main screen and tap the gray Disconnect job button to start working on another one.

Common questions

I didn’t give the app permission to access my camera, how do I do this?

On Android devices, your app should prompt you to give it access to the camera. Review your privacy settings for each app in your device settings. 

Check out Google’s support guide: Control your app permissions

My barcode won’t scan, why?

There’s a few things that might impact your scans:

  • Your device’s camera quality.

  • Your product barcode labels.

  • The environment that you’re scanning in.

If you’re having trouble, you camera might have better luck scanning QR codes rather than barcodes.

  • Barcode layout 3 includes a QR code that contains the asset number, so it’s a little simpler for your device to read.

  • The default barcode layout includes a QR code that contains a link to the product or stock level page in Current, so it’s a bit more complex.

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