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Change the scheduler dates used in your opportunities iCal feed
Change the scheduler dates used in your opportunities iCal feed

Use the delivery, pickup, prep, in use, or other opportunity dates in your opportunities (Job Planner) iCal feed.

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The opportunities (Job Planner) iCal feed lets you see your opportunities on the calendar on your smartphone, computer, or other device.

By default, events on the iCal feed for opportunities will start and end based on the start and end date of the opportunity. For example, the event in my calendar app for the opportunity below starts July 10th and ends July 21st.

If you’d like to use other dates in the opportunity scheduler for your calendar events, like the delivery & collection dates or the prep & de-prep dates, you can add start_attribute and end_attribute parameters to your iCal feed link.

Keep in mind that you’ll need to use the extended scheduler to use the start_attribute and end_attribute parameters. 

Form the iCal feed

Go to the Job Planner by going to Opportunities > Job Planner

Click the link that says iCal calendar feed for your opportunities at the bottom of the screen.

The long links on this screen are your iCal feed links. There are four, one for each type of opportunity: orders, quotations, drafts, and inquiries. 

Copy the link you’d like to change and paste it somewhere safe, like a text editor.

  • add &start_attribute= immediately followed by one of the attributes below to set the date that should be used for the start of the event

  • add &end_attribute= immediately followed by one of the attributes below to set the date that should be used for the end of the event

Once you’ve formed your iCal feed link, copy the entire link and subscribe to it in your calendar app, or pass it onto a colleague to do this in their calendar. See: Get an iCal feed for opportunities (job planner)

⚠️   Keep your iCal feed link safe like a username and password. Only use it with trusted software and services.


  • Prep start date

  • Prep end date

  • Load start date

  • Load end date

  • Delivery start date

  • Delivery end date

  • Setup start date

  • Setup end date

  • In use start date

  • In use end date

  • Takedown start date

  • Takedown end date

  • Pickup/collection start date

  • Pickup/collection end date

  • Unload start date

  • Unload end date

  • De-prep start date

  • De-prep end date


Here we’re using an example order iCal feed. If you wish to use these, replace the part of the URL before &start_attribute  with your own iCal feed from the Job Planner.

In use start date and in use end date


Delivery start date and pickup/collection start date


Prep start date and de-prep end date


Blank dates

Where a date that you’ve used as an attribute in your iCal feed isn’t filled in, Current will use either the start or end date value. 

If the end_attribute is earlier than the start_attribute that you choose, Current will use the end date value.

Common questions

How do I subscribe to an iCal feed?

How to subscribe to an iCal feed varies depending on the calendar app or device you’re using. Here’s some links to common guides:

Need help?

Struggling to form your iCal feed link? Use the green help bubble at the bottom-right and we’ll be happy to help ↘️

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