Our purchasing module beta gives you the ability to create and manage purchase orders in Current RMS. 

“Beta” means that we’re actively working on new features and we’ll be enhancing it over the coming months. Rest assured – it’s been through the same rigorous testing as all of our other features, so it’s stable and ready to rely on. 

What’s available in the purchasing module today?

✅  Create manual purchase orders.

✅  Create purchase orders from opportunity costs for sub-rentals, sub-contract services, and services with external resource allocations.

✅  Create purchase orders for manual costs.

✅  Add, remove, and edit purchase order items.

✅  Print and send purchase order documents.

✅  Customize purchase order documents.

✅  Restrict access to purchase order functionality using roles.

✅  Authorize and mark purchase orders as sent.

✅  Set expected arrival date and notes.

✅  Complete or cancel purchase orders.

What’s planned?

We’ll let you know when these are ready by sending an in-app message.

  • Sale items
    Create purchase orders for sale items on an opportunity.
  • Projects
    Create purchase orders from the project costs view.
  • Check to see if a PO has been raised
    Prevent you from raising another purchase order for a cost that you’ve already generated a purchase order for.
  • Goods received process
    Accept delivery of goods on a purchase order and Current RMS will automatically adjust stock transactions and resolve shortages.
  • Invoice reconciliation process
    Record that an invoice has been received for a purchase order and adjust if there’s a difference.
  • Accounting integrations
    Post purchase invoices to Xero and QuickBooks Online.

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