Made changes to your products, services, or taxes? Use recalculate to force a recalculation on an opportunity or invoice.

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When you make some change to your products, services, or taxes in Current RMS, those changes aren’t applied retroactively to existing or past opportunities. This is to make sure that quotations or invoices you have sent to a customer aren’t radically changed. 

Get started

Use Recalculate under Actions to force a recalculation of figures on an opportunity or invoice. 

When you recalculate:

  • opportunity item replacement charges and weights are refreshed

  • opportunity items may be discounted if they were previously non-discountable

  • opportunity item surcharges are refreshed.

  • taxes are recalculated

  • the cash customer label on the opportunity or invoice is re-checked

Reset prices or costs

Use the “Reset prices” or “reset costs” toggles to reset prices or costs. 

When you reset prices or costs, Current will check the latest product and services rates or costs and update your opportunity accordingly. 

You’ll only see the option to reset costs if you’re working on a provisional quotation, reserved quotation, or an order with auto-costing enabled

Stop people from recalculating 

Remember you can use the “Can recalculate prices & costs” under Opportunity Actions when creating a role to stop users from recalcuating prices and costs.

What isn't impacted by recalcuating

Recalculating impacts things that may change over the course of an opportunity or invoice, but won’t change fundamental aspects of your opportunity items.

Recalculating won't change:

  • product accessory configuration, including accessory modes and inclusion types

  • grouping of items on an opportunity or invoice

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