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Why doesn’t my project quotation display any opportunities?
Why doesn’t my project quotation display any opportunities?
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Trying to print a quotation from a project and don’t see anything listed? 

This is generally because our project quotation document is set to pull through only opportunities with the state of “Quotation.” Inquiries, drafts, and orders are not displayed on our default project quotation.

To resolve:

  • Click into any opportunities you’d like to be displayed on the project quotation and convert or revert them to a quotation under Actions.

  • Grab an amended copy of our project quotation that displays both quotations and orders below.

Amended project quotation

You can add an amended project quotation that displays opportunities that are quotations and orders. To add to your system, download using the button below:

Then, upload the downloaded .txt  file to System Setup > Document Layouts.

Having trouble downloading or need help uploading? Check out our guide: Export and upload document layouts

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