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What is the Current RMS API?
What is the Current RMS API?

Develop your own integrations or get data from your Current RMS system using our open API.

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We provide integrations with Xero, QuickBooks Online, Sage, MailChimp, WooCommerce and Adobe Sign. If you’d like to develop integrations with other solutions or use data from your Current RMS system in your own projects, use our open API.

The Current RMS API allows you read/write access to the data in your system.

The API is a developer tool

When considering using our API, keep in mind:

  • The API is a developer tool.
    It’s intended for developers who are confident at programming and have experience using APIs. If you don’t have development experience, contract a third-party developer to help.

  • We provide limited, high-level support for the API.
    Our team are happy to help when the API isn’t working as expected or with high-level development questions, but we’re not able to answer general questions about development or advise on using APIs in a broad manner.

  • The API is comprehensively documented.
    We’re not able to suggest whether an integration with a particular third-party solution is feasible or how you’d go about creating an integration. Our API is well documented, so you can investigate the data you’ll need.

  • We don’t have recommended developers.
    Current RMS is a global solution, used by customers in a variety of countries and industries. For this reason, we can’t recommend a developer or agency.

Get started

Head to System Setup > Integrations > API to generate API keys and access our comprehensive developer documentation.

Not yet signed up for Current RMS? Access our documentation:

Turn on webhooks

We’re testing webhooks at the moment. They’re not quite ready for primetime, but we’re happy to enable them for experienced developers. We’ll also send across some documentation about them.

To start testing webhooks, chat to us using the green help bubble at the bottom-right ↘️

Need a test system?

Simply sign up for a free 30 day trial of Current RMS on our website to get access to a system that you can use for testing. It’s best to start a conversation with our customer success team after sign up to let us know you’re using the account for API development.

Developer support

As the above states, we provide limited, high-level support for our API. To contact us, use the green help bubble at the bottom-right of each page of Current RMS ↘️

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