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Import and export data
An introduction to importing data
An introduction to importing data

Use CSV spreadsheets to create data en masse and extract data from your Current RMS system.

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If you’ve got a large amount of data to create, rather than creating each record individually using the web interface, you might find it easier to create data all at once using our import data tool. 

With our import data tool, you can put all of your data on spreadsheets and upload them to Current to create records. This is especially handy if you’re migrating to Current RMS from another rental management solution and can export data from it.

You also have the option to export data from Current RMS, meaning you can easily pull off spreadsheets of key records for your reference, or even to update en masse.

What kind of data can I import and export? 

You can import and export:

  • Contact

  • Organization

  • Venue

  • Vehicle

  • Product group

  • Product

  • Accessory

  • Rate

  • Stock level

  • Serialized component

Get started

Importing data is a process that you want to get right – after all, your rental management solution is the most important software for running your business. 

Check out the next guide in this section to get started: General pointers for importing data

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