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Monthly rate engine
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With the monthly rate engine, you can set up a simple monthly charge. This is generally the price x quantity x months. 

For example, 2 x product at $1000 for 2 months would be $4000 since $1000 x 2 x 4 = $4000.


Day type

  • Calendar day
    The number of days to charge is based on whole days; the start & end times aren’t taken into consideration.

  • 24 hour clock
    The number of days to charge is based on 24 hour periods; the start & end times are used to calculate rental charging.

Minimum rental months

The minimum number of months to charge.

Keep in mind that if you enable chargeable days on an opportunity, Current will ignore the minimum rental months.

Leeway minutes

Use leeway minutes to add a grace period or tolerance to the end of a rental. 

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