See your opportunities on the calendar on your smartphone, computer, or other device by subscribing to your iCal feed. Often, you can set up reminders on your calendar app so you’re notified when a job is starting, too.

What is an iCal feed?

An iCal feed is a standard format for calendar data synchronization. It’s not something that we at Current RMS developed, it’s an open format that’s supported by most calendar apps.

How do iCal feeds work?

You subscribe to iCal feeds in your calendar app – that could be on your computer like Apple Calendar, in the cloud like Google Calendar, or on your mobile device like your iPhone.

Once subscribed, your calendar app periodically checks the iCal feed to see what’s new and updated. Those changes are updated in your calendar.

Find your iCal feed

Go to the Job Planner by going to Opportunities > Job Planner.

Click the link that says iCal calendar feed for your opportunities at the bottom of the screen.

The long links on this screen are your iCal feed links. There are four, one for each type of opportunity: orders, quotations, drafts, and inquiries. Copy the link you’d like and subscribe to it in your calendar app, or pass it onto a contact to do this in their calendar.

⚠️   Keep your iCal feed link safe like a username and password. Only use it with trusted software and services.

Subscribe in calendar apps

How to subscribe to an iCal feed varies depending on the calendar app or device you’re using. Here’s some links to common guides:

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