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See all of the opportunities on your system for a period using the Job Planner.

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The Job Planner is a central calendar of all of the opportunities on your Current RMS system. 

With the Job Planner, you can:

  • Choose which opportunities you’d like to see within a period

  • Change the period you’re viewing and set when it starts

  • Get an idea of how busy you are on a particular day, week, or month

  • See general opportunity information and easily click through to an opportunity

  • Get iCal feeds for each type of opportunity so you can subscribe on your own calendar app

Get started

To get to the Job Planner, go to Opportunities > Job Planner. The default view is a list of all orders in the current store for the next week.

Change the period

Set the start date by using the date field at the top.

See a month, week, or day by changing the view dropdown box.

Filter the view

Use the fields at the top of the screen to filter the view:

  • search for
    Search the name of opportunities.

  • include
    Choose which states you’d like to see included in the view: inquiry, draft, quotation, or order

  • store
    Select which stores you’d like to include in your view.

Hit the blue Update view button when you’re done.

View opportunities 

Opportunities for the period that match the filter criteria you’ve set up show in the calendar. Dates and times appear along the bar at the top, which sticks to the stop of the screen when you scroll. 

Opportunities are color coded depending on their status. These colors correspond to the colors of opportunities in your main opportunities screen. There’s a key at the bottom of the Job Planner for your reference.

On each opportunity tile, key information is displayed:

  • Opportunity subject

  • Organization

  • Start & end dates

  • Venue address

  • Customer pickup or customer return labels

At the bottom of each tile, there’s a bar that breaks down the opportunity scheduler. For example, on the tile below I can see that we’re delivering on the first day, the in use days fall in the middle, and pickup is the final day.

See how busy you are

The number at the top of planner under the date shows how many concurrent opportunities you have going on, so it’s great for getting a quick overview of how busy you are.

You can change when you consider your company to be busy by adjusting your heatmap settings in System Preferences.

Get an iCal feed

See your opportunities on the calendar on your smartphone, computer, or other device by subscribing to your iCal feed. Often, you can set up reminders on your calendar app so you’re notified when a job is starting, too.

Use the iCal calendar feed for your opportunities link at the bottom of the Job Planner to access your iCal feeds.

We’ve got a guide that runs through how to set this up, see: Get an iCal feed for opportunities (Job Planner)

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