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How is project revenue calculated?
How is project revenue calculated?

Use the revenue summary at the top of a project to see how much you’re making from each opportunity.

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At the top of a project page, Current RMS gives you a breakdown of the total revenue due to come in from a project.

  1. The charge total for all eligible opportunities in the project.

  2. A bar that shows the split of the percentage of how much each eligible opportunity makes up of the project charge total.

  3. Total rental, sale, and service charges for eligible opportunities across the project.

  4. Total provisional costs, actual costs, and overall predicted profit for eligible opportunities.

Which opportunities are included?

  • Only opportunities that are orders are included in the revenue. Orders are considered confirmed, whereas quotations might not proceed.

  • Orders that are active, open, or completed are included. Canceled orders are not included.

Revenue and costs

The cost totals at the top-right are calculated using costs entered against opportunities within this project. Use the Revenue & Costs Summary to see a full breakdown of all income and costs on the project. 

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