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Add an existing opportunity to a project
Add an existing opportunity to a project

Has a job grown more complex? Transition to a project by adding the opportunity to a new project.

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There might be times where a job or event starts small and becomes more complex as requirements grow. In these cases, you might start with an opportunity and decide to move to a project.

Create a project

First, create a project by going to Opportunities > Projects. We’ve got a guide that runs through process from start to finish, see: Create a project

Add existing opportunity

From a project page, hit Add an existing opportunity under Actions. Start typing the name of the opportunity in the field and Current will autosuggest as you type.

You can add any opportunity that’s open, i.e. not completed, canceled, lost, or dead.

Edit an opportunity

You may also edit an existing opportunity to add it to a project. 

Head to the opportunity you wish to add and edit it using the pencil icon at the top. Then, enter the name of the project in the Project field. Current RMS will auto-suggest from open projects as you type.

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