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Create a project
Add a new opportunity to a project
Add a new opportunity to a project

Create new opportunities directly from a project page.

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Build your project by adding opportunities to it. You can add new opportunities straight from the project page.

Get started

From the project page, hit the add a new opportunity link at the bottom-right of the Opportunities section. Choose inquiry, draft, quotation, or order from the menu.

Create opportunity

When you create an opportunity from a project page, Current RMS automatically populates some fields with information from the project for you:

  • Organization

  • Customer reference 

  • Start & end date 

  • Venue

  • Project

  • Store

Change any of these fields as you wish. Fill in other fields as normal when creating an opportunity. See: Create an opportunity

Common questions

How do I set the billing address?

If project invoicing is turned on for your project, you won’t see fields for billing address or tax class on the opportunity. 

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